Meyerco Sprinklers, Certified Irrigation Contractor and Rain Bird Select Contractor, is well known for our quality workmanship, products, and reliable customer service. To ensure continuation of that quality long after your system has been installed, we offer Annual Maintenance Programs to meet your needs.

A Meyerco Sprinkler Maintenance Program will keep your system well maintained.

  • Ensure proper irrigation water management
  • Avoid potential “unseen” irrigation problems
  • Keep your landscape looking great
  • Keep your sprinkler system operating at peak efficiency

We offer a variety of programs to meet your specific needs. Each time we visit, our personnel will complete the following service:

  • Inspect all components of your sprinkler system
  • Inspect the condition of your landscape
  • Make appropriate adjustments and repairs to the sprinkler system
  • Leave an maintenance inspection report with you

MP-3 (Basic)

Maintenance Program 3 offers a Spring start-up and adjustment, a mid-season check-up, and a Fall winterization to prepare the sprinkler system for winter. This is our base program, recommended for those who enjoy making seasonal adjustments and small sprinkler repairs on their own.*

MP-4 (Standard)

Maintenance Program 4 offers a Spring start-up and adjustment, 2 mid-season check-ups to adjust the system for seasonal conditions, and a Fall winterization. This is our standard program, recommended to keep a system running efficiently all season.*

MP-7 (Best)

Maintenance Program 7 offers a Spring start-up, Fall winterization, and monthly visits to monitor the sprinkler system and landscape. This is our ultimate program, recommended for those who desire the best in preventative maintenance.*

New customers to Meyerco Sprinklers start with an overall irrigation system evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the quality of the overall design and installation of your sprinkler system, as well the individual components such as sprinklers, valves, and controllers.

Please contact us for more information about our sprinkler system maintenance programs.

* The above maintenance programs are for general maintenance and inspection only. Start-up, service, and winterization are services and do not imply warranty. Meyerco assumes no responsibility for any settling or water damage. All parts and additional labor over 1 hour per visit will be billed separately. Systems over 12 zones will be charged extra. Prices on large systems and commercial facilities may vary.